GB WhatsApp Pro APK 17.10 (Pro update)

November 8, 2022

Download GB WhatsApp Pro v17.00 and v9.00 APK latest version if you want to use WhatsApp more utilities. GB WhatsApp pro update is your best choice. Download now!

Name GB WhatsApp Pro
Compatible with Android 5,0 +
Last version 17.10
Size 31 MB
MOD Pro update
Category Communication
Developer Alexmods
Price Free

WhatsApp is known as the number 1 messaging application with more than 2 billion users in the world. This application provides any special form of communication. You can use it to exchange information via messages (text, images, sounds, etc), free calls over the internet or direct calls. It is considered as one of the most successful messaging software. However, it still has many limitations that make some users uncomfortable. If you are also one of them and looking for more upgraded version of WhatsApp then GB WhatsApp Pro APK is the top choice. Read the information we share about this mod below so you can better understand it!

What is Gb WhatsApp Pro APK?

GB WhatsApp Pro APK is known as one of the perfect upgraded version of WhatsApp. This mod provides more features and opens many restrictions of WhatsApp official version. Its core is still WhatsApp but it seems to bring more convenience and ease of use. It is for that reason that this app is becoming more and more viral with users.


Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk Download For Android is created to give the unlimited experience of a premium messaging app. All limitations are almost removed and mod developers also regularly update new versions to improve product quality. Although the normal version of this mod has been removed due to pressure from the official WhatsApp, the return of Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk 2022 promises to bring many surprises to users.

Despite providing many modern utilities and features, GB WhatsApp Pro APK is completely free. Users can download this mod to their device after a few simple steps and without any additional cost when installing. This is really a good point that surprised many people.

Should I download Gb WhatsApp Pro APK Download 2023?

Should Download Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Version or not is one of the questions we often get from many users. In fact, Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk Download Latest Version can bring a better user experience thanks to its modern features and very well improved system. It will definitely bring a smooth experience.


However, if you feel that the features in Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk Download Old Version are still enough to meet your usage needs, you do not need to spend time downloading again. Unlike the apps you usually use, each time you upgrade the version, you will have to completely delete the old mod in your device and re-download the new mod and install it. The process of Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk Download does not take much time but you don't need to do it if you feel lazy.

If you feel that you are bothered too much by ads, you can choose Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk Download No Ads. The developers have completely banned ads in this version. Your use of this mod will not be interrupted anymore.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK vs. WhatsApp: what is different?

Many people are curious that GB WhatsApp Pro APK upgrade version will be different from the old version. Today we will answer your questions through the following analysis:

File sending limit

If before you were annoyed by WhatsApp file sending limit was 100MB and just stopped there, now you will be more than happy to use GB WhatsApp Pro APK.


The file sending limit of this upgraded version is up to 1GB. Text files, images or even videos under 1GB will be sent easily. You don't have to split your files to reduce the size of your files.

Transition limit

Message forwarding is how you save time when chatting. However, if you often use this feature of WhatsApp you will find it completely confusing. You can only forward 1 message to up to 5 chats. This restriction is completely removed in GB WhatsApp Pro APK. Users can forward unlimited messages.

Status Longs

Every time a status update on WhatsApp users always have to worry that there is no place to write. Because the state length of this app is limited to 139.


This makes it impossible for many users to share more. However, GB WhatsApp Pro APK allows users to share 255 length statuses. This is a great upgrade.


GB WhatsApp Pro APK is more premium version also better choice. Hopefully, our sharing will help you better understand this mod.