Herr Anwalt Spiel APK Mod 0.1 (Latest Version)

November 5, 2022

Download Herr Anwalt Spiel APK Mod Latest version 2022 and defeat an evil headmaster. You are the last hope for the students suffering under his oppressive rule.

Name Herr Anwalt Spiel
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.1
Size 52 MB
MOD Latest Version
Category Action
Developer Yannick
Price Free

Want to become a professional lawyer? You want to fight for the right and rescue the wrongdoers? Herr Anwalt Spiel APK will help you fulfill your desires through attractive gameplay. When participating in this mod, you will become a true lawyer specializing in protecting students' rights. School violence and problems at school always oppress students. You need to use your wits and ingenious problem-solving abilities to put the students on the run. Herr Anwalt Spiel Apk For Android certainly will not let you down. Continue reading the shares below to know more about this game!

What is Herr Anwalt Spiel APK?

Herr Anwalt Spiel APK is known as one of the most popular law and justice-related simulation games today. In the game you will transform into a talented lawyer to protect the interests of students. Schools run by sly and abusive principals hurt many students. Your mission is to fight the principal and the bad teachers to save the students from there.

herr anwalt spiel apk download

You need to directly enter the school and go to the rooms to solve puzzles and collect evidence of crimes. It is possible that in the process of moving you will meet teachers with malicious intent as opponents. You need to skillfully deal with them or directly defeat them to be able to go to other rooms. You need to intervene in the abuse of power and abuse of students in school to help students no longer suffer.

Sometimes, students would be held hostage. Players need to use their wits and legal tactics to rescue them. Thanks to the unique and novel gameplay, Herr Anwalt Spiel APK is rated as one of the best justice simulation mods!

Herr Anwalt Spiel APK Download

One thing that definitely makes many players feel surprised is Herr Anwalt Spiel Apk Free Download. Accordingly, players do not need to spend any extra fees to spend on downloading this mod or starting to play the game. Everything is free and if you want more in-game items you can complete missions to get rewards.

herr anwalt spiel apk for android

To be able to download Herr Anwalt Spiel APK you can follow our instructions below:

  • Open your browser and download the mod from the official source
  • Open Settings and select Privacy or Security
  • Tap the Allow Unknown Sources option and turn it on
  • Download and tap the downloaded file
  • Follow the instructions available during installation
  • After finishing the installation, use the mod as usual

With just a few simple steps, you can finish installing Herr Anwalt Spiel APK on your device. However, we recommend you to download Herr Anwalt Spiel Apk Latest Version. In the latest version, you will always experience new features and play games smoothly and without interruption. You will also be supported by a superior feature system that makes it easier to fight the evil principal.

Features of Herr Anwalt Spiel APK

Herr Anwalt Spiel APK has very unique features that make this mod stand out from many other simulation games. You will see those features through the sharing below:

Herr Anwalt Spiel Apk No Ads

The first impressive point is that you do not need to see ads when playing Herr Anwalt Spiel APK. Advertisers believe that adding ads to games will help them increase sales.

herr anwalt spiel apk latest version

However, the appearance of ads will distract players and annoy players. The publisher of this mod understands that and has completely removed ads in a new version.

Various puzzles

To increase the challenge for players, the mod developer has created many different puzzles. This also helps players train their intelligence, reflexes and judgment. Your wisdom will help you solve the principal's intrigues more easily. In the case of many treacherous people, you need to face them calmly.

All-round setup

To bring a sense of authenticity and intimacy to players, the developers Herr Anwalt Spiel APK spent many hours transforming the dining area into a play and learning area. This makes it easy for players to improve their skills in practice.

Cook delicious food

herr anwalt spiel apk mod

Your food really makes many people feel amazed. He did not study for himself, but for her.


If you love the way to seek justice, then Herr Anwalt Spiel APK is a great choice. You should not pass up the opportunity to try this exciting game!