Pikashow APK Mod v74 (No Ads)

March 17, 2022

According to a survey around the world, during rest time, each person will pick up the phone and start surfing and watching their favorite movies and entertainment programs. Understanding that Pikashow APK was born, this is an application that allows users to watch movies and TV shows in the world for Free.

Name Pikashow
Compatible with 4.1+
Last version v74
Size 14 MB
MOD No Ads
Category Entertainment
Developer PikaShow. Ltd
Price Free

What is Pikashow APK?

Pikashow is an online movie viewing application released by the unit of the same name. The demand for watching movies online is increasing, the internet network is spreading all over the country. In their free time, everyone has relaxing moments with their favorite movies. Pikashow is the app that makes you happy about it

Pikashow is an application that allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free with a huge movie store. Users who install the Pikashow App can enjoy many attractive movies.

The world of movies is an endless source of many genres, at Pikashow App you just need a simple and quick operation to watch the movies you love.

The advantages of Pikashow

Currently, many movie-watching applications have appeared on the market, but do you know why Pikashow is always number 1 in the movie market in the world? This is the continuous development of the technical team to bring the best user experience:

Pikashow has a huge movie world.

Pikashow App updates all the hottest movies currently in the world. On your home screen always appear the hottest movies on the market today. You just need to open the Pikashow app to be able to watch hot movies instantly without having to search.

Pikashow's new movie update speed is so terrible that when a new movie is released, the Pikashow app updates immediately for users.

Pikashow App has extremely high video quality

Movie quality is always an issue that Pikashow cares about, users will experience quality up to 4K ultra when the network connection is good. In addition, when the network quality is worse, the App automatically switches to low quality so that users are not interrupted

Watch offline with Pikashow App

To serve users in places without an internet connection, Pikashow has integrated a download feature for videos. Users can download hot movies where there is a network and watch them when there is no network when you want.

Pikashow is completely free

Pikashow App is a completely free application, users just need to download the Pikashow Apk file to install and use, no need to register or log in to any account.

Beautiful interface, full features.

Pikashow has an extremely user-friendly interface. A simple search set along with a menu bar that categorizes movies by genre helps users to freely watch movies according to their favorite genres.

Pikashow has the most advanced technical department today

Pikashow has an extremely good technical staff, in addition to the main Pikashow Apk, there is always an alternative Pikashow apk version to replace when having problems.

The technical team is always focused on application development, now the latest Pikashow apk download 2022 has been updated with many modern functions.

Pikashow says no to ads

Pikashow wants to give users the best experience, never having any advertising minutes on the app. This is a huge plus for Pikashow.

Instructions to download the latest Pikashow apk download 2022

Pikashow does not have an app on CH Play and App Store, you can download Pikashow App via Apk file to install on your phone.

  • Step 1: Users download Pikashow apk download 2022 new updated version with many features
  • Step 2: Click on the downloaded Pikashow Apk file and start the installation
  • Step 2: Launch the application and use it.

It's too simple and fast to download the Pikashow - a Free movie and TV application worldwide.


Pikashow is a popular movie-watching application in the world today, the friendliness of the interface along with the largest movie store today with great chat quality, there can be no better application than Pikashow. Quickly install Pikashow Apk Download and enjoy your favorite movies.

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Reasons to download Pikashow Apk:

Not all electronic devices can fully load TV shows and movies through the original default application, that's why Pikashow Apk has been reset to help users have a better experience. smoother, optimize the interface, and help viewers access high-quality movies without additional costs

For the default or older versions of Pikashow, most of the special features and support tools in Pikashow are limited and require users to spend extra money to be able to experience all the features superior features. Understanding this, game developers have created Pikashow Apk software to patch common errors in default or old versions.

Especially, when using this version of Pikashow Apk Mod, users do not have to pay any extra costs and still experience all the special features of Pikashow Apk, errors in interface or functions are improved grant. Not only brings a better experience but also provides many tools to serve the user's purpose. Download Pikashow Apk now to experience the application most smoothly and optimally, just download it once and use it for free forever.